Our Story

Suzette's signature: Bold colours on Exclusive skins
Suzette Accessories was born of childhood memories; a bond built upon Isabelle and her grandmother, SuzetteAn elegant, free and independent French woman, Suzette was a seamstress at Sacks Fifth Avenue in New York in 1960s. The relationship Isabelle shared with her grandmother was the driving factor behind her daring creativity, her quirky sense of humour, and her affinity for colours.
Isabelle left Paris in 2001 and spent much of her time in Asia, where her experiences of Asia’s dynamic cultural setting eventually inspired her to create Suzette Accessories in 2016. The brand revisits leather goods and luxury accessories - exclusive leathers with pop and flamboyant colours with fair pricing.
A Suzette bag is unique, eternal & versatile. 
Based in Singapore and distributed to the finest department stores in Asia, the brand combines love for beautiful materials, colours and craftsmanship. 
Each product goes through a series of luxury artisans. From the selection of the most beautiful leathers to cutting, tanning and manual finishes. All the pieces are made in workshops respectful of the environment, man and wildlife. The famous Suzette clutch bags with incredible colours become the essential accessory day and night. Each season, capsule collections are curated: new shapes, new desires, new colours. Not forgetting the must-have customisation of your favourite Suzette bag.
Suzette Accessories is an elegant, colourful, quirky and bold brand that promises you la vie en rose.
The brand’s story starts with the founder’s grandmother, Suzette, an expat seamstress at Sacks Fifth Avenue. A french sewing in New York in the 60s is a sensation - a representation of elegance, freedom and modernity. Isabelle visits her every summer and through the life of Suzette, it is her destiny that she weaves. From these moments together, she will keep her taste for French elegance, fashion and bold colours. "I was glued to her, she had a kimono on and we invented a story around this incredible piece”, recalls Isabelle. From there, Isabelle develops her taste for Asia.
Suzette Brand History Saks Fifth Avenue 1950s
Back to her hometown in Troyes, Isabelle abandoned Latin for Chinese, which developed her desire to travel and discover new experiences and cultures. Through her business studies, her creative instinct was recognised and sparked her interest in venturing towards the creative line. She started first in Thailand, where she mastered the language in less than six months. After a stint in marketing at Danone, where she was responsible for market studies, and subsequently a representative of a European fabrics company, she met her "favourite" Emmanuel... and followed him to Paris. 
Isabelle then joined a ready-to-wear French fashion label where she managed its development into Asia. In 2016, back in Singapore, it is natural that she gives birth to Suzette Accessories. The brand revisits leather goods and luxury accessories: python, rare leathers and precious skins with pop and flamboyant colours while maintaining its commitment to fair pricing.
Suzette - Always a favourite!
The creations of Isabelle are in her image: a certain idea of elegance, a look both bourgeois and contemporary. Add to that her French touch and quirky humour. Isabelle creates and imagines in music: each piece is a madeleine of Proust, a memory breathed by Suzette. Her bags, accessories and capsule collections are a reflection of life moments, memories, style icons and teenage songs that are dear to her. She does not hesitate to display the titles of her favourite french songs on her iconic bags with a touch of humor: Mon mec à moi, Ma préférence, Résiste, Et si tu n'existais pas - a tribute to French songs of the 90s that surely puts anyone in a good mood!
Suzette Brand Founder Isabelle Allix
We must see Isabelle, in the streets of Singapore, driving her vintage convertible car, hair blowing in the wind, with her little dog merguez on the passenger seat, rocking to music reminiscent of her teenage years... she creates! The name of her next capsule: Emmène-moi! Suzette Accessories is the result of an epic representation of two women with crazy charm, Suzette and Isabelle: free, bold, rebellious, funny and resolutely alive. An ode to life, to all the women we love and have loved, who we are and who we are destined to become.