Social Responsibility


Suzette regularly participates in annual charity fairs and fund raising events as a way of giving back to the community. Causes that are close to Suzette’s heart revolve mostly around women and teens in need. Suzette was recently involved in the annual Babes Donation Drive at Boutiques Fair Spring/ Summer 2019 edition - A Helping Hand to Pregnant Teens.

Women Empowerment

At Suzette, we don’t just work towards establishing a leading position in Southeast Asia for exotic leather bags & accessories. We are heartened to be a part of a movement that gives work opportunities to other women in our local community. We embrace women from all walks of life and backgrounds and we help women return to the workforce with up-skill programs and training courses. Such initiatives have allowed us to scale to over 15 retail staff under the span of just two years. Suzette hopes to continue building a community/network that empowers women and consistently provide a helping hand to those who are in need.

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